Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many more now make the sharing of information, photographs, messages, recommendations and other communication via the internet easier than ever before. Social media has a great deal of relevance for businesses, as well as for the individual, and forward thinking companies are actively using these media to promote their companies, products and services.

Social Media IconsMany businesses are missing out on the potential to create impressions, convey information and ultimately to attract extra sales. Integrating activity in the social media sector with a company website can make a lot of sense and there are a number of areas where this can be done.

Adding Social Media Links

If you use social media to keep your customers or users up to date with company activities, product news and interesting feeds about the use of products and services, it makes sense to have links from your website to the social channels you use. Add Like, Share and Tweet buttons to appropriate website content to make sharing easy. If you run an active Twitter site have a Twitter live feed to show your posts directly on your website. However, it is important to ensure your feeds remain live and updated regularly as dead feeds do not provide a good advertisement for a company and can be harmful to your reputation.

If you sell products or run an eCommerce site it is sensible to add share buttons to your product pages, making it easy for your users to simply share or recommend your product to their friends and connections.

Offer Social Login

Visitors to e-commerce sites generally need create an account on the website to make purchases. Social Login allows a user that’s already signed into Facebook, or other social sites, to register on your website with a single click using Facebook's sign-in feature, eliminating the need to enter username, password and other information. Social sign-in can offer benefits to the e-commerce site as social sign-in users often spend more time on site and purchase more than other users.

Interaction between Blogs and Social Media

The use of Blogs is becoming increasingly popular in company websites as an effective and easy tool for keeping users up to date with the latest news about the company's products, service and personnel news, often a good way of adding a personal element to the corporate face. More advanced blog platforms now integrate with social media channels like Facebook and Twitter so that one posting can be shared onto multiple platforms.

Social Media and Search Engines

Content from major social media channels is extremely well indexed and ranked in the major search engines and companies with corporate Facebook, Twitter and other social media presence can use this to improve their search engine visibility. Well crafted informative tweets and Facebook posts, containing relevant key phrases and links, can provide valuable, highly ranked, links back to your website.

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