There are many organisations offering domain names for sale - most of these are resellers, and most are simply not able to offer a good level of service. We have heard all too many stories of lost domain names, some of which are no longer accessible through forgotten passwords, and with no means to get the password checked or re-advised. We also keep coming across cases where the domains have not been registered in the name of the purchaser, and this leaves the ownership with a third party who may not choose to renew on time, or who may demand high charges for renewals, transfers or other actions related to the domain name.

eyeAt JD Internet Marketing we only source domain name registrations through long standing sources and companies based in the UK and/or in the USA. The reason for purchasing from multiple sources is that we can guarantee to get the best deal on virtually all types of domain, be they .com,, .biz, .org, .tv, .co, etc. We also guarantee to register the domain name properly. All Domains that are registered or transferred to our nameservers still belong to you and will be registered in your name, with your details. You will therefore be the owner - not us.

Our domain prices are subject to change at any time as the best deals available from our primary suppliers change quite frequently. Our prices are amongst the lowest available anywhere.

Domain registrations can be purchased with access to your own management control panel, alternatively we can provide that management service for you without charge. The cost of purchase of the domain, complete with the facility of an individual management control panel, can be higher in some cases. All our domain registrations include the facility to have mail forwarded to any other address - alternatively we can offer great hosting packages for your domain on our own servers with unlimited email addresses, etc. Domains can also be pointed at any other servers as required, and there are no charges for doing this. We will also ensure any renewal dates are communicated well in advance so you can instruct us if you want to renew - we also offer an automatic renewal system where this is desired.

If you have any questions we will be happy to answer these for you.

To order a domain name simply click the contact us button - complete the form with details of the domaiin name/s that you would like registered and we will email you back with the best price we can obtain for you on the day - there is no obligation to purchase. Payment by any credit card, or PayPal is accepted, or on account for approved customers.

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If you have any questions about domain registration or transfers, please contact us on +44 (0)1978 843145 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Domain names are normally registered on a 2 year basis, payable in advance. We suggest you register your required domain names as soon as you can to ensure availability. It often happens that a given domain name may be available one day, but has been registered by someone else the next.

JDIM can register domains on your behalf and park them until you are ready to proceed with a website project.